Sunday, June 23, 2013

What I wrote at age 17...

I recently thought about a contribution I made to a fan site at age 17. I'm amazed at how young I was when I wrote this and that I put it up as fan fiction. I am a huge admirer of Robert Downey Jr. and discovered him not long before age 17. When a fan site put up a story set up as a diary where someone new wrote a different day, I couldn't resist jumping in. I wrote two separate days and was the one to propel it to a new level...having the narrator actually meet and fall in love with him. I remember loving it and thinking it was pretty racy at the time.

Reading it again over 10 years later, I realize it has good and bad parts to it. The ideas were fun, but it could definitely stand to be improved. I was glad to find that I printed it out because I can no longer find it online. I'm hoping to use pieces of it for a new story...especially a scene involving whipped cream.

It's both fun and appalling to find pieces you wrote at an earlier age. I have a hard time letting go of some of the things I wrote and strive to find something useful in everything. Do you find yourself nostalgic about your own writing?