Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Life/Work/Writing Balancing Act

Everything in life is a balancing act. We need to balance so many things as humans. Work, Writing {if you're lucky, it's the same, for me, it's not yet.}, pets, kids, spouses, exercise, personal hygiene, cleaning and relaxing are a lot to fit in. Sometimes I find myself more often thinking about writing than actually writing. Many times, I daydream at work. Such as today, my brain refused to focus on work and would only think about writing.

The mood just takes over me at the worst possible moments and it's a struggle to do what I'm supposed to be doing. It's as if I have a split personality and I guess, in many ways, I do. I wonder what I'm doing at work when at my core, I know I want to be writing, the saying needs new shoes.

I'm working on organizing my time better now between all of those things. I always used to think I was organized, but honestly I'm more like this:
Here are some things that seem to be working for me:
1. Set some time aside for writing; whether it be 10 min, an hour or 10 hours a day, do it. You'll feel better.
2. Make an outline. I've never been one for an outline, but as I get further into a novel, I sometimes get lost. Having things planned, at lease loosely, ahead of time would help.
3. Give yourself a break if you don't get things done, just not too many breaks. Set ambitious, but still realistic, guidelines.
4. Sit outside and write. Fall is here. It's beautiful. Write a bit and then play outside. Don't miss it.
5. Play with your kids, pets, family.
6. Workout, get enough sleep, take care of your body. Again, you'll feel better. You can't feel good writing if you don't take care of yourself.

Remember, if writing isn't your day job {even if it is, there are always other things you want to be writing}, you are still a writer. Don't let your day job determine who you are. You are more than that. You will always be a writer.